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5 Eye-catching Study Table Designs for Your Home Interiors

A study table is no longer synonymous solely with student life. Most working professionals will admit to the comfort of having a dedicated workspace at home, where they can peruse important documents, set up a laptop, and keep important files ready when required.

Trendy study table design | Photo Credit: www.bornincolour.com

Additionally, a study table can also add an elegant touch to your home decor. However, as study tables do not usually form a part of conventional home furnishings in India, most people are confused where to begin. To get started, here are 5 trending study table designs for you to incorporate in your home decor ideas.

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1. The Classic Wooden Look

If space is not a problem, the best way to begin is to opt for the classic study table design in wooden finish. With a myriad of designs and styles available, you can choose from the many shades of brown available to compliment your room’s color scheme.

Study table design with a classic wooden look | Photo Credit: www.neo-decor.com

These classic wooden study table designs look best in the master bedroom.

2. At the Window Ledge

If you are looking for study table with bookshelf design that suit smaller apartments, this is the right one for you. Make use of the space near your window to set up a small, yet comfortable study table. The advantage of this set-up is that you will benefit from natural light all day long.

Study table designs near window | Photo Credit: pinterest.com

You can take the design a step further and opt for a folding table that will further help you to save space.

3. The Multi-functional Stand

For a more contemporary look, use your study table as a multi-functional unit. It can hold the television set, a few large showpieces, or even a library. These types of study table designs look best in the living room.

Multi-functional study table design | Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Moreover, you can use this look to get as creative as you like with style and color.

4. Study Table Design in Contrast

Interior design experts swear by the principles of contrast in home decor. Choose a study table color and shape that is at odds with the color scheme of your room.

Color contrast study table design | Photo Credit: www.fourpencils.com

For instance, if most of your furniture is rounded, opt for a square study table and if the color scheme is pastel, go for a bright lemon shade.

5. Bunk Bed Study Table Design

A great way to incorporate a study table in the kid’s room is by installing it as a part of the bunk bed. You can choose from a multitude of bright colors for the table and the accompanying chair.

Bunk bed study table design | Photo Credit: www.iussi2016.com

These study table designs are especially great for a small bedroom as they save space and look absolutely fabulous.

Have a study table design that stands out from the rest. Do write to us or share it on our Facebook page; we would love to hear from you.

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