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Can Layering Rugs over Carpets Improve Your Home Decor

If you ask people whether they would layer a rug over a carpet, chances are that you will get mixed responses. While some will respond in the affirmative, yet others will absolutely stand against the idea. Some might even get stumped wondering, ‘Aren’t rugs and carpets the exact same thing?’

Rugs and carpets | Photo Credit: www.billielourd.org

However, the best way to proceed is sometimes your own. Getting creative in interior design sometimes calls for you to stand against the trend, not with it. In this context, layering rugs over wall to wall carpeting can indeed work for you when done correctly.

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Having rugs over carpets does not merely look good, but has several practical purposes too. For instance, if you have a nasty carpet stain, a skilfully placed rug can help you cover it up neatly. You can also use a fluffy rug to demarcate a play area for children and to warm up a cold floor. The list just goes on.

Here are five ideas for laying rugs and carpets in your home decor plan.

1. Isolate and Highlight

A brightly patterned rug can be placed in a way that it highlights a certain aspect of your home decor. For instance, you can place it under a dining table that shares space with the main living room. This will help to elegantly demarcate the dining area without the expense of installing a partition.

Rugs are used to highlight certain aspects of home decor | Photo Credit: www.decoist.com

2. Emphasize Furnishing

Placing a rug at the foot of the bed or in front of your couch helps to elongate the impact of the furnishing. It also adds an elegant and a cozy touch. For this look, opt for a rug that follows your furniture and carpet color scheme but is a shade darker. Do not choose a very thick rug as this might increase the possibility of tripping.

Emphasize furnishing with rugs and carpets | Photo Credit: www.overstock.com

3. Acts as Pièce de Résistance

You can use your rug to highlight furniture or simply go all out and make the rug the center of attraction. A brightly colored rug or a boldly patterned one, complete with tassels, can captivate all your guests while taking its rightful place in the center of the room over the main carpet.

Rugs can be made the center of attraction in a room | Photo Credit: editeestrela.net

4. Add More Texture

By layering rugs and carpets, you can automatically up the plush quotient in your home decor. If your main carpeting is plain, adding a woolly rug can truly make the room look lavish. For instance, a dark red carpet can be truly complemented by a plush, beige rug. In the same fashion, a plush carpet will be well complemented by a smooth rug.

Texture can be added to a room with rugs and carpets | Photo Credit: www.decorilla.com

5. A Landing Spot

Just because your home has a wall-to-wall carpeting does not mean you cannot place landing rugs outside your bathroom door, kitchen entryway, at the end of the stairway, or by your bedside.

Rugs act as a landing spot | Photo Credit: www.onekingslane.com

Landing spot rugs can get as colorful and creative as you want them to be, thus adding a fresh zing to your home decor.

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