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Is Peach the New Choice of Color in Interior Design

What's your take on peach?

It's sweet, fleshy, juicy, sort of pinkish-orange in color and ...

Hold it!

Not the fruit. Focus on the color.

Well, to think about it, if it's so good in the mouth, how would it look on the walls, or when splashed on curtains, pillow covers, vases, lamps or even as a side table.


Then, without further ado, let's dig into why peach color has slowly gained popularity as well as the different ways in which it can be incorporated into one's interiors.

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Why Should I Opt for Peach Color

Using pastel shades in home decor has always been one of the easiest ways to brighten up the ambiance and also improve space perspective. A small room can be made to look large and spacious merely by opting for a light color scheme. However, contrary to popular beliefs, light colors do not always have to mean beige, pink, or sky-blue walls. You can do things differently and opt for an unconventional yet attractive hue.

Striking on all the right notes, peach color has gained fame as the perfect solution for those who want to go light with a twist. It appears as a pale shade of pink with fresh hues of yellow and amber. Emitting positivity, this charming shade puts the mind at peace and is definitely easy on the eyes. It is believed to be an indicator of longevity and immortality in many Asian cultures. Using this color in your home decor will definitely jack up the good vibes for you and your family.

How to Incorporate Peach Color into Your Interiors

a. Splash Peach on Your Walls

Undoubtedly, the simplest way to use this color, in your homes, is to decorate living room with peach walls. It lends an elegant touch to the room. Peach is so versatile that it can suit your bedroom, bath, dining area, and even the kitchens too. Use wall textured peach paint colors or oil based paints for a better finish.

Peach-colored walls in your dining area | Photo Credit: www.stylemotivation.com

b. Peach-up Your Furnishings

If changing your wall color isn't an option, then simply peach-up your furnishings. Use this alluring and bright shade in your curtains, pillow covers, duvets, floor rugs, carpets, table mats, and sofa covers. Peach-colored furnishings look subtly beautiful and provide a fresh change from the usual earthy or dark colors employed.

Peach-colored curtains | Photo Credit: www.hgtv.com

c. Use Peach on Home Decor Items

If you are shopping for home decor goodies and are confused on the right shade to match your walls, choosing peach will indeed simplify your dilemma. Peach looks great with almost any existing wall color combination. This shade can be used successfully on accessories viz vases, lamps, glassware, wall-hangings, decorations, candle stands, and so much more.

Peach-colored accessories | Photo Credit: hondaherreros.com

d. Use Peach Color on Your Furniture

A popular trend that always works is to maintain a color scheme for a room and accessorize it with one or two pieces that stand out in a different shade. Peach color can be used in furniture to make it pop and yet, not be at odds with the rest of the surroundings. You can opt for a peach colored side table, some decorative mirrors, an armchair or even a peach shoe cabinet.

Peach-colored furniture | Photo Credit: refreshmuncie.com

e. Peach Color Bedroom for Children

Looking for the right shade for your children’s room? Blue, yellow, and pink have become too common a choice. Instead, opt for peach walls color scheme and you will find yourself glancing at a truly unique room. Peach is a neutral shade and is especially great if you have a son and a daughter sharing the same space. Owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy indeed.

Light peach bedroom for children | Photo Credit: host2post.com

Have more ideas on using peach color in your home decor? Perhaps, you have tried something different and received compliments for that. Do share your comments on our Facebook page as well as in the comment section below.

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