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Where Should You be Spending More while Designing Your House

If you think you can sit peacefully with the purchase of a new home; you are pretty far from the truth, my friend. Time for a quick reality check!

Buying a house is just the beginning of your innovative, incessant, relentless desires and efforts to beautify your home, to the point of perfection, which ironically again is never fully sated. There always remains one corner of the house, if not more, that’s open to umpteen make-overs.

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Every room in your home has different requirements, thus making it all the more difficult for you to decide how to start and how to proceed. We have already spoken about the different items and requisites in each room along with their types, and pricing in the interior design cost blog. In this article, we will talk about the most expensive purchases that you will have to incur for each room of your house, and yes, you definitely can’t do without them.

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Living Room

No matter, big or small, a living room is incomplete without a place to sit. Sofas come in a number of designs, fabrics, dimensions and storage options and you got to pay for what you choose. While traditionally two-seaters and three-seaters have always been common, modern homes are now looking for more stylish options in the form of sectional sofas, modular sofas or even chaise lounges. These are mostly available in wood, metal, cane, bamboo, and rattan that are common while few prefer marble sofas also.


After a bed, what’s crucial to a bedroom is wardrobe. But ironically, wardrobes are higher priced than beds though only second in relevance. When it comes to wardrobes, you can either go for the free standing ones or opt for wall-mounted and sliding ones. Walk-in closets are great in style but aren't an option in small to medium-sized apartments. No matter what you opt for, your choice of good quality hinges from Hettich, Ebco, Hafele etc. is important or else your wardrobe doors would be down before long.

The final look of a wardrobe is attributed to the finish used which could be laminates, veneer, glass, lacquer, metal, solid wood, etc. Laminates and veneer are the most popular in finishes as they have their own set of pros and cons. While laminates are artificial and available in a variety of colors, veneer is natural but come in limited shades. Though laminates are easy to maintain, water and scratch resistant, they are brittle, prone to chipping, and cannot be repaired once damaged. On the other hand, veneer demands regular maintenance, but gives a sumptuous and elegant feel to your furniture.

Next would be your choice of wardrobe dimensions. Usually, they aren’t more than 72 inches high, but could be 12, 18 or 24 inches deep and somewhere around 24 to 96 inches wide. Likewise your choice of wardrobe size, pattern and finish would decide its pricing.


Modular kitchen is in vogue and usually come as L-shaped, U-shaped, Parallel, or Straight with popular brands being Hettich, Godrej Interio, Johnson Kitchen, Haefel, Haecker, Kohler etc.

Overall cost for a modular kitchen depends on its scope and requirements. Typically, people spend 3L-4L for a fully functional modular kitchen. Price varies on your decision to install or not to install the following:

  • 1 countertop (2 in case of a parallel layout),
  • base cabinets/floor units (depends on space),
  • wall cabinets/wall units (depends on space),
  • backsplash,
  • tall units (optional),
  • sink, faucets (single/double sink),
  • kitchen appliances,
  • hob, chimney (cost can be excluded if you own these already)

along with accessories like

  • hinges, handles, modules, wire baskets and hardware.


When it comes to toilets, water closet is the undisputed winner as the most expensive item in there. A number of options are available in the market but EWC is the most common with round, square, elongated or rectangular bowls to choose from. Accessories like toilet roll holders, towel rods and brushes will together rack-up the costing for your toilets.

Now, let's quickly look at the most expensive purchases you've got to make for your home and what would the numbers look like.

Rooms Item(s) Amount (in INR)
Master Bedroom Wardrobe 80K+
Other Bedrooms Wardrobe 40K+
Living Room Sofa/couch 1L+
Kitchen Modular Kitchen 3L+
Bathrooms Water closet &
Bathroom accessories

Hope you've got a rough idea on how you should adjust your budget so that you would make wise purchases.

Do let us know in the comment section below about what your experiences were, while designing your own house.

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