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10 Easy Tips and a Weekend for a Master Bedroom Redesign

Are you tired of the same drab look sported by your master bedroom for years? Are budget and time the reasons you have never gone in for a design makeover? Don’t worry. Just a few spare hours over the weekend is all you need to revamp the look and feel of your master bedroom. Here are 10 master bedroom ideas along with tips that will help you remodel your room like a pro.

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1. Change Your Linen

Buying a new bedspread, duvet, and pillow covers can drastically revamp your master bedroom interior design. With a wide range of choices available online and in stores, you can choose a look anywhere from bold to pastel, traditional or funky. Try to opt for a printed duvet spread that matches your wallpaper.

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2. Oust the Idiot Box

An easy way to change the look and feel of your master bedroom is to get rid of that big television screen glaring at your bed. Not only does this have aesthetic benefits but also practical ones. Bedrooms with no TV are known to foster an environment of intimacy and peace. Replace the TV space with a decorative painting or large family photographs.

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3. Move Furniture Around

Don’t have a budget for a makeover? Don’t worry! One of the best ways of organizing a small master bedroom is by moving your furniture around and trying out new looks. Take some help from online home decor sites and check out different ways you can revamp your room. You are guaranteed to be surprised at the results.

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4. Focus on The Ceiling

The ceiling is an oft ignored part of most rooms. You can revamp the look of your bedroom simply by adding some innovative ceiling design and leaving the rest as it is. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a Plaster of Paris center piece or a chandelier. You can even paint your ceiling a bright color and leave the rest of your walls white.

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5. Add a Headboard

If you must choose to remodel just one thing in your bedroom, choose the bed. The bed is the focal point of your room and even minor changes to it will give freshness to the entire feel of your room. The best way to remodel your bed is by getting a headboard installed. With a myriad of designs to choose from, you can go with some cushioned designs, mirror work, or wood work.

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6. Hang Up That Painting

Like most people, you do probably have some paintings lying around that you are unable to place. Put a painting above your bed or place one each above your bedside tables. A simple, yet easy way to change the feel of your room interiors. If you don’t have any paintings, don’t worry. Print some pictures of paintings online, frame them, and hang them up.

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7. Change The Wall Colors

One of the first methods used in interior design to remodel home decor is changing the wall colors. Like most homes, your bedroom walls are probably an almost faded pastel shade. Don’t be afraid to opt for bolder colors like yellow, red, turquoise, or orange. Bright wall colors add an enticing plush feel to your room.

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8. Turn Over Your Tapestry

Your curtains don’t need to match each other or your wallpaper. Go bold and choose a mix of curtain colors with geometric, floral, or tribal designs. Add tassels and beads and make sure that all the colors are vibrant. Changing the tapestry is one of the easiest ways to remodel your bedroom. You can also place a rug to complete the look with a plush and cozy finish.

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9. Rustle-up New Furnishing

If you have room for a bigger budget, you can simply choose newer furnishings for your master bedroom. For instance, the normal chair in your room can be substituted with a cane chair and some cushions. A terracotta lamp by your bedside, an antique dressing table or even a carved wooden bench at the foot of your bed can do wonders to your bedroom.

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10. Four-Poster Your Bed

With a little help from the carpenter, you can transform your regular looking bed into a vintage one. Simply add wooden posts to your bed and hang soft white curtains that can be drawn down. A few extra cushions, some carvings on the wood, and a rug on either side will have your bed looking like one that is straight out of a fairy tale.

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