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How Significant are Shapes in the Study of Interior Design

Home decor that has been managed by a professional interior designer has an undeniable wow factor. Right from the placement of furniture to the color pattern and accessorizing, each piece of decor seems to complement the other, while holding its own unique style.

Shapes are crucial in interior design | Photo Credit: www.home-designing.com

While the task may seem like an easy stroke of creativity, interior design professionals know that a lot of hard work and calculations go into the making of the perfect living or work space.

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Interior design is not about simply choosing furniture or wallpaper. It is an art that delves much deeper into the dynamics of space. Interior design is based on certain guiding principles including balance, contrast, shape, form, and rhythm. Each of these play a crucial role in making or breaking the final result. Let’s explore the important role played by the study of shapes in fashioning interior design.

Balance in Design

The study of shape is complementary to one of the basic tenets of interior design- balance. If you walk into a room and notice all furnishing and tapestry with similar shapes, the overall feeling will simply be monotonous. On the other hand, maintaining a balance by bringing different shapes together, circular or angular, helps strike the right note.

Shapes bring about balance in a room | Photo Credit: stores.advancedinteriordesigns.com

Creating Ambiance

Shapes play a major role in creating ambiance. For instance, the use of squares, rectangles and circles can transform a place into a formal environment suited for an office. Take the same space and rev it up with a hexagonal table, some oval seating, and a triangular bookshelf and you get a space that could function as a cool coffee shop that is sure to be a hit with the youth.

Choice of shapes is crucial in creating the right ambiance in a room | Photo Credit: archiplot.com

Contrast is Critical

An important principle of office and home decor; it is by contrast that we are truly able to appreciate the beauty of space. Contrast helps a single piece of furniture or tapestry stand out as the pièce de résistance. For instance, if all your living room furnishing have rectangular shapes, choosing a large circular coffee table will truly make the room look lively and in vogue.

Contrast in shapes are important in interior design | Photo Credit: www.ilovedurban.co.za

A Tool of Creativity

The best part about shapes in interior design is that you can get as creative as you want to be. Why choose a circle when you can stand out with an arc? Do make sure however, to choose a shape that fits the function of the room you plan to set it in. For example, a child’s room should not have too many angular furnishings, as the little ones could get hurt while playing.

Shapes bring about creativity | Photo Credit: www.bycns.com

You can indeed have much fun with shapes. Is there a unique piece of furnishing that you adore and would like to share its info with us? Do write in the comment section below or link up on our Facebook wall.

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