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5 Effective Ways You Can Increase Your Client Base

The growth of interior design, like any other business, is dependent on time, money, and a loyal client base. The path to a successful business however, follows that of an ever-increasing client follow up. Despite exceptional services, existing clients can sometimes move to other companies for personal reasons. Therefore, unless you plan to expand, you run the risk of stagnating.

If you are a freelance interior designer, finding the time to grow your client base might seem a challenging task in the already huge pile of work you have. Yet, it is an important task. A wider client base can not only help you earn more but also propel your business to an international platform. Here are five effective ways that will help you learn how to grow client base.

1. Be Active on Social Media

It may sound simple or good to be true, but using social media sites can heavily work to your advantage. Create a Facebook page, garner followers on Instagram, promote your creations on Pinterest, upload a new project video on YouTube, and stay connected with an ever-widening business community on LinkedIn.

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Social media sites are the easiest way to advertise your products and skills in front of a global audience. The best part is it’s absolutely free (unless you plan to run ads).

2. Ask for Testimonials

Market research has long acknowledged the efficacy of word-of-mouth publicity as opposed to other forms of advertising. Ask your existing client base to write testimonials or give you referrals. Better still, request them to send video testimonials that you can add to your portfolio.

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People always like to hear from other ‘real’ people about how good your services are as opposed to having an advertisement or an actor say it. Before spending a fortune on advertising, consider this alternative.

3. Take Your Business Online

We live in a digital age and no business grows without an established online presence. And we’re not simply talking social media. Create a website if you don’t already have one and if you do, look for ways to revamp it and make it relevant.

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Make your interior design services available online to global clients, and start a blog to increase your search hits on Google. Hiring a professional web designer is always a good business investment.

4. Forge an Alliance

Tying up with another related business is a great way to mutually expand your client base. For instance, as an interior designer, you can tie up by offering office space to a supplier of designer wallpapers, luxury bath fittings, a CCTV supplier, or even a Vaastu Shastra expert.

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Not only will you get access to their existing client base, but you will also benefit from added walk-in clients. Your new working relationship might even get you free space on their website or advertisements.

5. Participate in Exhibitions

Taking part in exhibitions, interior design events, and trade shows are few ways to increase your client base. You will get unmatched exposure and even manage to attend many helpful workshops that are relevant to your field of interest.

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Moreover, you will always be up to date on the latest products and services that are offered in the market by your competitors. Don’t limit yourself to local exhibitions. If you can, do look out for the international ones too.

Sky is the limit for those who think outside the box. In artistic fields like interior design and home decor, doing things differently will always get you noticed and help your business bloom.

Joanna D'Souza

Joanna D'Souza

Joanna is a writer and pet parent. She spends time away from work with her dog and traveling with her husband. She’s a fan of the Beatles and loves rock and pop from the 80's.

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