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7 Basic Yet Important Rules for Arranging Home Furniture

Arranging your furniture the right way is as important as good icing is on a cake. Even the most delicious pastry will seem unappetizing with a clumsily laid out icing. Likewise, the best ceiling designs, wallpapers, and tapestry goes completely worthless if furnishing is not done well.

If your home decor is being taken care of by an interior designer, then you don’t need to worry. However, if you are planning the interior design of your own living space, do read these tips on arranging your furniture the right way. They won’t turn you into a professional decorator overnight, but they will definitely guide you in the right direction.

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1. Decide on a Primary Focal Point

Before setting the furniture in any room, decide which piece will be the primary focus. For instance, the focus in your living room could be a grandfather clock or a fire place, whereas in your bedroom, it will be the bed.

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Once you decide your center piece, remember, the rest of the furniture must be arranged in a way that draws all eyes to the main focus. Your focal point is generally the largest furniture in a room.

2. Don’t Push Against The Wall

One of the biggest mistakes in home decor is pushing your furniture against the wall. Many people push dining tables, sofas, beds, and chairs against the wall thinking that this will create more space for guests to walk around.

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Keeping your furniture against a wall actually blocks off one side of it and makes cleaning a difficult task. The only furniture that should be pushed against a wall is the cupboard.

3. Create Some Contrast

Don’t combine too much furniture of the same style together. For instance, if your sofa set is bulky, opt for a slim coffee table at its center to provide balance and contrast. Similarly, if your dining chairs are angular, buy a rounded dining table.

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Too much of linear furnishing can be balanced with a round rug at the center of the room. Always remember to arrange your furniture in a way that balances both the curved and linear designs.

4. Remember to Calculate Your Space

An idea might seem workable in your mind; however reality is often a different ballgame. There is a reason why interior designers use so much software while planning any home decor. Make use of free online apps and check the bird’s eye view of the layout you planned.

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Use a measuring tape to calculate sufficient space between furniture to make sure your room is not too crowded and people can move about with ease.

5. Always Maintain Access to Tables

A basic rule of interior design is that every chair should be not more than an arm’s length from a table. While your sofa set would have access to the main coffee table, make sure that any other chair(s) or seating in your hall are close to a table. That way, you can entertain guests at ease as they won’t have to get up each time they want to keep a glass or a plate down.

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6. Keep The Entryway Clear

Don’t block the entrance to your living room with any big furniture pieces. The entry passage to your home should be clutter-free and welcoming. If you feel your passage is too drab or plain, simply spruce it up with a beautiful painting or an elegantly designed mirror.

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Avoid keeping a wall table at your home entry unless the passage is large enough or else people might get hurt at the edges, as they enter.

7. Focus on The View

For any room always arrange your seating in a way that it faces the view or the light. Many people arrange furniture to face the television and this does not really make your interior design stand out. Arrange your sofa and coffee tables to face your windows.

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Place your bed in a way that it faces the light streaming in from the window. This will actually add a fresh perspective to your furniture layout alongside adding a dash of positive vibes.

Above all, your home decor should be a reflection of you. Don’t worry if a design you like is not in vogue or is unpopular. Doing things differently is the best way to stand out from the rest.

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