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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Types of Wood for Your Interiors

Wood gives a unique and fresh appeal to your interiors. The use of wood in interior design is meant not only for keeping the tone of your room subtle, but in also adding liveliness to it. Natural and man-made are it's two types. Natural woods like pine, oak, cedar, Brazilian cherry, teak, etc. are an inseparable part of surface flooring.

They provide the desired magnificence to rooms when utilized in making doorways, cupboards, and other associated items. Man-made wood, on the other hand, has fewer species and is much similar in appearance to natural wood.

They are commonly known as Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, and Nollywood. These woods are utilized in the cinema industry and are a major part of today's luxury-styled rooms, offering new levels of grandeur in this modern wood interior design.

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Below are listed ten types of wood, which will take your house from being beautiful to being magnificent.

1. Oak Wood##

Oak wood

Before we start talking about the processed oak wood, let's take time to appreciate the beauty of the tall and robust Oak tree. These trees have played a significant role in designing and construction of child playing units and have been used for sun blocking and fencing.

The value, as well as the magnificence of this wood, is felt more, once they are molded and arranged in the form of dining tables and chairs.

From hot pots to condensed glasses of ice water, this wood gracefully endures everything. Wine lovers ought to especially thank this variety of wood, which is used in the making of barrels, where wine is aged and stored. Bottle corks are made from oak as well.

2. Cedar Wood##

Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is commonly used in the making of closets and chests, as it tends to be highly deterrent against moths and other harmful insects. This sweet-scented red and brownish-colored tree is known to have numerous usages worldwide and is used in the making of fences, guitars, ship building and home structuring.

3. Padauk Wood##

Padauk Wood

Obtained from the Pterocarpus species in Africa and Asia, this wood though thick and dense, yet responds well to the lathe, used for carvings, making of musical instruments and furniture. It is tougher than oak and is known to withstand adhesives as well, thus making it more durable.

4. Teak Wood##

Teak Wood

Teak wood tends to carry with it the majesty of the tropics, wherever it goes. The national tree of Philippines is known for its tones of brown, yellow and green. It is primarily used in the making of doors, window frames and furniture, both indoors and outdoors. With time, this processed wood tends to develop a silver-grey surface on it.

5. Walnut Wood##

Walnut Wood

The seeds of the Walnut tree are appreciated by many. However very few know that the wooden flooring we walk on, the rocking chair on which we relax, and oh! the piano we love listening to, are made of this wood.

Walnut tree is known to be resistant to any change in shape or size. Be it the floor or the propeller of an airplane, walnut is a crucial element of every design.

6. Alder Wood##

Alder Wood

Alder wood, though softer than other known woods, is one of the prime components in cabinet manufacturing. It is highly elastic and used for interior design purposes and furniture-making. Numerous surfaces and hues can be created out of this wood, by either staining or sanding it.

7. Purpleheart Wood##

Purpleheart Wood

Found in the heart of South America, Purpleheart wood, deep purple in color, as the name suggests, is in high demand, across the world.

This high-quality wood, known for its shine, durability, flexibility, and straight grain-patterned texture, is used in the manufacture of top-class furnishings. It is also known to be resistant to termites and moths. The beauty of this wood lies in its ability to darken with age.

8. Lyptus Wood##

Lyptus Wood

Exotic things are what attracts us the most. The Lyptus wood which is known to have a salmon color is derived from the Eucalyptus tree. This wood works wonder when utilized as a part of cabinetry as well as in the framing of doors and moldings.

9. Maple Wood##

Maple Wood

Who doesn't appreciate Maple wood? Wood which is best compared to Lyptus. It is commonly utilized in designing of baseball bats or bowling pins. However, the stark contrast, as well as the grain which it consists of, makes it an ideal choice for being used indoors, in the making of floors, furniture, and wooden decorative items.

10. Poplar Wood##

Poplar Wood

The Poplar wood has gained popularity in the last ten years and is the first of its kind to have its DNA decoded. But this highly used wood has been a part of our homes for quite some time.

It has been helpful in the making of matchsticks, chopsticks, paper and plywood frames. Though it is structurally flexible, it is certainly not the first choice in furniture-making.

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