How Gray Sofas Can Impact Your Decor

Acting as an amalgamation between the evergreen black and subtle white, the neutral tone of gray comes with its distinctive set of features and characteristics. Symbolizing calmness and composure, this color is one key element that gives the living room, a delicate magnificence. So, let us quickly analyze how gray sofas can impact your decor.

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1. Gray Establishes Harmony##

Gray is one of the best colors that goes well in the living room

Since gray doesn't lay a strong impression, it quickly and perfectly complements colors such as green and yellow alongside darker shades. In case of gray color schemes for living room, gray sofas not only act as a center of attraction but helps in establishing a harmony with your overall decor as well.

2. Color that's Easy on the Eyes##

Gray sofa's are always well complimented with a white wall paint

The subtle nature of gray makes it a primary option for interiors, giving rooms the much needed warm feel; they seek, without going over the top. Keeping in mind that gray is a neutral shade, one needs to add a bit of taste to it, by using contrasting shades or various textures, finishes and other materials that complement it. One can use a gray sofa in the guest room to avoid interiors look too personalized.

3. It Tones Down Stronger Shades##

Gray sofa's can add an excellent contrast with large wall paintings in the background

Gray is also known to possess an exceptional quality of toning down vibrant color while adding magnificence to the softer ones. For example, in the image above, the gray color tends to add a livelier feel to the room when contrasted with the light-colored rug and the dark-colored coffee table.

4. Accentuates the Appeal of Other Items in the Room##

Gray colours accentuate other elements present around it

While gray sofas comfort the eye, bright-colored cushions or accent pillows, decorated on them, provide the desired appeal. They illuminate the surroundings, table, wall or patterned rug by allowing the entire attention to be driven towards these elements while being overlooked.

5. Can Be Used in Various Shades##

Gray can be used in a multitude of shades

Contrary to the common notion, gray isn't fully dull. It can be glamorized using different shades of the color, spanning between black and white. The tone closer to black gives a dramatic feel, while that nearer to white gives an illuminating effect.

You can add and create a comfortable pallet of colors by including shades such as black, white and gray along with numerous textures which will drive attention to your key elements.

6. Add Bold Shades to Avoid Monotone##

You can always use gray along with black and white but, do not forget to add few bold shades as well or else you may end up with a monotonic decor.

7. Contrast Gray with Yellow or Purple##

Though gray is elegant, it certainly does not fall under the glamorous lot. So, you will have to pair it with colors like silver, golden or purple, which look fantastic. Talking about gray interior color schemes, another color which provides an enormous visual impact when paired with gray is yellow. When used alone, yellow might prove to be an eye-catching color; however, in combination with gray, it complements perfectly and tends to give your decor a formal look.

8. Gray Makes Space Appear Larger##

One can also utilize this color in making a small space appear large. By aligning your couch against any gray wall that will give an appearance of the sofa being in continuity with the wall, makes the room seem bigger than placing it otherwise.

Gray is also a reliable alternative to white

Even though the gray sofa in the image above wouldn't add glamour to your room, however, it would give your space a classy and sleek outline. You can make the couch more prominent by contrasting it with suitable cushions and accent pillows.

Haven’t you just started loving the color gray? Do share your views and comments below.

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