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Futuristic Designs: An Insight into The Prospective Office Space

Gone are the days when an office interior design simply meant fitting some furnishings and electronic equipment as per the budget and whims of the management. Corporates are beginning to realize the importance of keeping their skilled force happy and stress-free.

So, what does the future of corporate interior design hold?

According to industry experts, the primary focus will be on flexibility and comfort. The smart modern corporate is ready to go great lengths to ensure it retains its achievers. Going by a recent study conducted by industry experts, we have compiled all possible top trends that will feature in the future of office interior design.

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A. Working and Living Space

An employee pulling long hours before an important deadline will no longer need to worry about the traffic on the way home. The future of workspace will see sleep pods near the desk with adjustable lighting, so an employee can catch some sleep and be saved from the hassles of commuting before an important meeting. In fact, many offices are already equipped with fully furnished baths, 24-hour functional kitchens and comfortable sleeping quarters.

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B. Customization Will Be Key

Many offices have begun to understand that a uniform workspace does not appeal to each employee. While some prefer working in open spaces, others perform best, when alone. The future of office interior design sees an amalgamation of styles. An office will have a mix of open and closed workspaces, with adjustable lighting. An increasing number of offices will begin to consider color therapy when choosing their wallpaper and tapestry shades.

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C. Revamped Product Design

Future workspaces will go bolder with furniture choices. These days, small scale 3D printers are much more affordable than ever and this trend will see a rise in innovative product design. Interior design will bloom as a field with each corporate vying for a unique touch to their interiors, while maintaining employee comfort.

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D. Technology Driven Setup

New discoveries and inventions are being made globally round the clock. With the pace at which virtual reality is galloping ahead, futuristic workspaces will have technological advancements like never before. A paperless and wireless setup will be the way of the future. Smart and fully automatic security systems will eliminate any space for human error.

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E. Flexible Workstations

In the near future, the concept of hot desking will take over the current concept of fixed desk system. Companies will leverage properties to the maximum by letting their office space stay in function 24/7. A growing number of professionals will also begin working from home. Many offices will simply be relegated to spaces for meetings and conferences. Fluid and fast video chat will make physical presence almost redundant.

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F. Added Amenities for Employee Satisfaction

In-built gyms, saunas, and even mini grocery marts will simplify life for the busy corporate man and woman. Many multinational companies have already started creches and day care services within the office premises, so that working mothers do not have to worry about their babies while stretching an hour or two extra at work. Ping pong tables, foosball, and other board games will be a common sight in office cafeterias.

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G. Eco-Friendly Choices

Workspaces of the future will be completely paperless. This means printers and paper shredders will go out of business. Higher internet speed will leave the need for printed paper trails completely redundant. Moreover, solar energy will be harvested to complete the eco-friendly touch. As pollution levels rise each day, offices of the future will go green to create sustainable and environment-friendly working conditions.

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