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Learn the Basics of Designing a Perfect Living Room

Be it formal, or casual, living rooms are integral to every household. Exhibiting the basic personality of the people residing in a house, a living room is pivotal to the dweller's comfort, happiness, parties and enjoyments. Should you wish to renovate your house, start with the living room interior. Learn the basics and make your house more alluring in outlook.

Find a Focal Point

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A focal point doesn't mean that all the selected furniture will face the same side but is the space where your eyes will be on, from the initial moment till the end. It may include a fireplace, or it may include an outside view as well. Initially, find out the center of focus in your house to make it easy for you to decorate. Try considering two focal areas if you have a larger space.

Try Establishing a Central Area

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A central area is the space where we keep a small coffee table or low furniture, surrounded by sofa on either side; it is different from the focal point. In a living room, you can use a bigger central area for a more vibrant look.

Handpick Furniture of Your Choice

Selecting the perfect furniture is pivotal, as majority of the decor is hampered by wrong choice. Sofas are the most integral, when it comes to sitting. You can opt for contrasting sofas with respect to the color of the wall. The key is to maintain a balance. Use diverse sized furniture for more impact.

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Include Flat Surfaces

Whether you are in a bedroom or a living room, the decor must be smart enough to fit-in small items like side tables, etc. These flat surface are important and must be kept in the house to keep small lamps, vases, and books. If you are lagging with respect to space, then you can try out nesting tables that are small enough to offer you space to roam around; such tables can be collapsed into one big table, thus saving space.

Buy Right-sized Furniture

The most highlighting part of any design is the selection of right furniture and associated decor items. A larger room needs large furniture to make the whole set up look balanced and same holds true for small rooms. If you can't establish the size of the sofa and chair for your room, you can take some guidance from designers, before purchasing it. For example, you can take half to two-third the dimension of the sofa. The height should not be more than the elevation of the furnished items and neither lower than the chair height. Try out glass door furniture to display showpieces that you want to show off, keeping it out of dust.

Add a Nice Rug

Decorating a living room with a nice rug makes it look striking. You can place the rug in front of the furniture or under it. In both cases, it would look interesting. A larger rug will make a room look expanded. Rugs should not be kept close to the wall, at least 6 inches gap must be maintained to keep a parity with the whole decor.

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Light Your Room Radiantly

Proper lighting in the house, at various positions and sources, makes any decor come alive. Lights from ceiling, lamps, spot effects, sconces all provide a symmetrical effect. You can frequently use different shades of light that produce proper balancing of colors. Do not use too many lights; try to stick to specific ones for more vibration.

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Be Flexible with Style

Add small pieces of decor to revamp the overall look of the room. You can also opt for theme decoration for a bigger effect. Use colors to keep the balance intact.

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Add Loftiness with Wall Decor

You can try out large mirrors and artwork to make your walls look elusive. Lots of pictures viz family, personalities, artistic, abstract and scenery create a sense of height and forces the eyes to travel to and fro the room. Mirrors create a reflection that makes the room lively.

Select renovation items keeping basic things in mind. A decor expert like you will definitely give an amazing look to your house, along with that enriching feel.

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