Affordability and Interior Designers: How Much They Actually Cost

Constructing your dream house is only the first step towards a blissful life in a beautiful home. How you design the interiors can determine vital factors ranging from mood to work efficiency. Your interiors reflect your family’s and your personality, and conversely, your interiors influence your family’s and your dispositions. Trust me when I say an interior designer is as important to your home as its architect. Even today, many people feel that hiring an interior designer isn’t affordable. Let’s see if that’s really true. How affordable, really, are interior design services in India? Should it be considered a luxury?

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Most of the design firms in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore that use DesignBids, charge INR 40 to 400 per sqft., depending on the project and requirements. Residential projects, like your standard 2BHK or 3BHK, are on the cheaper side, and budget-conscious design firms usually charge around 50 rupees per sqft carpet area to make your home look and feel stunning. Premium residential design services can cost upwards of Rs. 100 per square foot. Furthermore, the costs vary depending on the areas or types of rooms you would like to get designed. And obviously, charges depend on the experience/portfolio of your designer as well as the city in which they operate.

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Thus, for a 2BHK (all rooms) of 1000 sqft carpet area, the fee for a budget-conscious design firm would be around INR 50,000. Similarly, getting an entire 3BHK designed would typically cost approximately INR 75,000. Premium services can cost around 1,00,000/- to 1,50,000/- respectively, for a 2BHK and 3BHK.

Well, don't you wish to be the smart one who compares before finalizing a deal? Of course you do and DesignBids respects your wishes to. Therefore, they give you the option of comparing price quotes, portfolios and profiles before zeroing down on the chosen professional. With competitive pricing, you get to save up to 30% on your interiors too. Now, that's value for money!

Should you wish to know more about how this works, click here and if you know your requirements and are interested in posting a project, avail DesignBids' Bidding service.

Bottom line: if you can afford a home, you can definitely afford a designer for it, as the design cost should only be considered a part of your budget for constructing your home, and a minuscule part at that. Further, there is no doubt regarding the difference in quality between a house designed by a professional and a house designed by a contractor or amateur, as the results speak for themselves.

Apartment in Bangalore- before interior design (left) and after interior design (right) | Photo credit:

It really leads one to wonder why people still build homes for crores without getting them designed. So why not go that extra mile in your 1000-mile construction journey to make your interiors look stunning? After all, the interiors are where you will spend the most of your time. Take the first step towards designing your dream home. Take the DesignBids style quiz, talk to interior design service providers to get a detailed quote, and transform your home for the better!