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4 Types of Living Room Designs Suited for Every House

Photo Credit: Angelo Pantazis

Ironically in our busy lives, there isn’t much that we do with respect to the interior design of our living rooms, and hence the overall ambiance of the house appears laid back. Take a moment and try to figure out whether your living room appears exactly how you want it to be or could it possibly be better.

If you decide otherwise, then it is time to give your living room a fresh makeover. We bring to you four simple living room designs that will help you easily renovate your room and give a fresh appearance to the house too. Let's try out these four different looks, one by one:

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Look One: Simple, Airy, Light and Clean

In case you are fond of space and tidiness and you want your room to be clutter free, then this is one interior design that you should prefer. A combination of modern design as well as a Scandinavian look is what will help you reshape your home. For example, consider the image of the room below with simple white tone and no extra furniture or bright shades.

Simple and airy living room | Photo Credit: www.minimalisti.com

In case you are a fan of this design, then start the makeover by choosing a neutral color which will make your room appear light as well as peaceful. In most cases, white does the wonder.Pairing white with some contrasting colors such as black or brown will provide a warm tone to your house. Don’t unnecessarily put extra furniture or cover your walls with too many photos. Stick to the basics, maximize the available space and make your home feel light and airy.

In case you wish to include more light in your homes try having more mirrors as this will make your room appear bright and fresh.

Look 2: Living room with a Traditional Outlook

A living room is a place where you ought to feel warm as well as comfortable. It's not only a perfect room with light colors that livens up your space, but sometimes a room with glorious imperfections can also do wonders.

So, in case you want your house to have a traditional living room design, then start painting your walls with something bright, eg. a shade of purple or red. In case you feel that the color you chose is too bright, then instead of just painting, try covering the same with textured wallpaper.

A traditional living room | Photo Credit: www.impressiveinteriordesign.com

Pay special attention to details and make sure that subtle wood prints, candles, cozy furnishings are not at all missing. Talking about furnishings, dive into something sumptuous and choose fabrics such as fur, satin or silk. Your furniture should also carry the traditional look. Buy furniture with similar shades as that of your wall, for example, a sofa with dark brown leather will complement the design in the above picture perfectly. Consider adding a real fireplace as this gives a warm feeling to your guests. In order to make your space more personal, consider decorating your walls with images and memories.

Look 3: An Artistic and Boho Living Room Design

If you love including varied shades as well as are a great fan of art then this look is what you should be aiming for. Don’t worry if you can't make every element a part of your design, as this variation is what will make your living room unusual with a multi-dimensional finish. While designing such rooms try bringing out as much creativity as you can. For example, start by painting your walls with unapologetic colors such as magenta, yellow, etc.

An artistic living room | Photo Credit: www.houseandgarden.co.uk

If you are an art buff, don’t shy away from displaying your favorite artwork right at the center of the wall, where guests can see them as soon as they enter the room. In case you are a traveler or an explorer, you can even put on display the artifacts that you have collected during your travel. Furnishings in your room should be textured to bring out a retro look. Don’t hesitate from playing with colors and include as many colors as you can till the time they don’t start pinching the eyes. Be smart in your choices and include items such as books, large coffee tables, fireplaces; each of which will give an intriguing look to your living room.

Look 4: Glamorous Living Room Design

Now comes the look that most people desire. These are the living room designs which people see in movies and are immediately compelled to try out in their homes. This design is usually seen in five-star hotel rooms, and it is safe to say that these designs never go out of style.

In case you are planning to try out this modern living room idea, make sure that you choose your primary color first. Stick to this color, and it should be the focal point of your interior design. However just, so your room doesn’t appear monochromatic, choose two secondary colors that will perfectly complement the primary one. For example, primary color black paired with dark purple and silver stand impeccable.

A stylish and chic living room | Photo Credit: www.homeepiphany.com

Once done, then focus on the lavish lighting. Go for a luxurious centerpiece chandelier, however the rest of the room can be decorated with side lamps. Stick to a modern design rather than jumping for a decorative one.

While going for this design, do make sure that your room is clutter free. For this, use stylish glass bowls and baskets that can creatively as well as effectively hide the 'stuff' present. While choosing furnishings, go for a sophisticated look that will allow guests to sit back and relax.

So finally, have you decided on your style yet?

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