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10 Ceiling Designs to Spruce up Your Home Ceilings

Most modern home decor plans see intricately designed furnishings and carefully patterned wallpaper; however, the ceiling tends to be left at a flat white; almost as if it were ignored. If properly focused upon, the ‘fifth wall’ of your home holds much potential to add a classy touch to your interior design. Whether in the living room, the kitchen, or the master bedroom, some great ceiling designs can completely revamp the look and feel of your home. Here are 10 fabulous ways to spruce up your home ceilings.

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Geometric Designs

Geometric designs never go out of style. From hexagonal honeycombs, to equal squares akin to a chessboard, there is no dearth of ideas to geometrically fashioning your ceiling. Add some bright colors or wooden paneling to the design and you will have a truly unique ceiling design that your guests will look up to.

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Circular Style

A circular modern ceiling design is especially great for someone looking for a simple, yet classy touch to their home decor. The circular pattern can be fitted with soft ambient lighting and a chandelier at its center will complete your piece de resistance.

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Bright Color Pop

Most of us paint our walls and leave the ceiling a monotonous shade of white. What if you reversed the process and painted your ceiling, while leaving your walls bare. Not only will this open up the space in your room, but it will also lend a unique touch and spark of brightness.

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Get Polka Dots

Who says that polka dots are only for apparels? A fashion trend that never goes out of vogue, polka dots look great on ceilings too. You can opt to wallpaper your own ceiling or get a professional to handle it for you. From big and bold polka designs to colorful and metallic shades, a myriad of designs are left to unfold.

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Smooth-in Stencil

Ceiling stencil work adds a subtly glamorous touch to your ceilings. From Victorian-themed stencil work to Arabic-styled patterns or minimalistic modern artwork, stencils can frame your ceilings and add a pop of life to your home interior.

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Wooden Wonder

A false ceiling in wood can add that magical old-world charm and a cozy feel to your home. Wooden false ceilings are relatively expensive, but they are definitely worth the investment. Different shades of wood can be brought together in strips to create an artistic patchwork that will truly amaze your visitors.

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Shape it Up

A ceiling doesn’t need to be flat and boring. If you live in a bungalow, you can shape up your ceiling to add a different feel to suit the mood and function of the room. For instance, a child’s bedroom which is generally small in size can have a V-shaped ceiling to give the impression of added space.

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Mural Magic

One of the best ways to draw the focus of the room to the ceiling is by opting for a mural design. Choose from an infinite selection of artwork in existence or create your own painting and put it up on the best canvas you can- your home. Add a wooden frame to border your mural or extend it to the corners and cover the entire scope of your ceiling.

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Trend in Tiles

Tiling up your ceiling is a great way to spruce up your interiors while not going too far with your budget. With an almost limitless selection of tiles varying in color and shape, there is no doubt that tiles can add that much needed unique touch to your home décor.

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False Ceilings

False ceilings are all the rage as interior design trends get bolder and braver. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, false ceilings allow you to style ambient lighting, soundproof your room and even hide electrical cables. Plaster of Paris is most commonly used to fabricate false ceiling designs from big centerpieces to intricate work.

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